Pirate’s Code

Pirate’s Code is a tabletop board game that utilizes digital media to create an emersive cinematic experience. Players compete to become the captain of a pirate crew while fending off against enemy pirates, deck fires, monster attacks, and more!



Pirate’s Code is a project focused on using both digital and analog components in order to create an immersive multiplayer experience. Gameplay is centered on players competing to become captain of a pirate crew over the course of a 30-day voyage. This voyage takes place within two connected player environments: a 3D game board for direct player interactions and a digital interface facilitating an over world map which monitors voyage progress, player status, and a random event system. These two environments are designed to work off each other. The tabletop elements of the game board create a close quartered system between players that promotes interpersonal, face to face, communication as they navigate the game board and perform tasks. The development of the digital interface provides a multimedia experience using sound design and animation that would immerse the player into the game world similar to how a modern video game or film would. Thus, by combining both an analog game board with an interactive digital interface, what would be a simple board game is capable of utilizing a diverse set of media components from different fields. Music composition, sound design, 2D animation, computer programming, 3D modeling, and graphic design all come together in this case to create a traditional tabletop experience with an immersive cinematic flare. The project is currently in a playable state, which allows four players to embark on a 30-day journey.

Additional work is planned on both the digital and analog components to further enhance the player immersion including: 3D printed ship pieces, additional music, and varying soundscapes. Extra game modes are also being programmed in order to expand gameplay options based on the number of players and a desired voyage length.


Quinn Lachler
2D Animation, Programming, Sound Design (SFX & Mixing), Digital Interface Design

Shane Murdock –
Event Script, Weapon Card Design, Instruction Page Design

Nathan Noworyta
Music, Task Card Design

Waylon Wilson
Board Design, Character Design